ООО "Ариадна-ГРУПП"

Туроператор по внутреннему и международному туризму

реестровый номер: РТО 017697


Ariadna Event and travel is the leading domestic and international tourism operator of Nizhny Novgorod area.

We are experienced in working with visitors from:

-Great Britain
-Serbian Republic

Our company is ready to offer various services, such as:

-Translators and guide-translators
-Visa support
-Invitations for your foreign guests
-Booking hotel rooms, plane or train tickets, etc
-Event organisation

Why choose us: 

— All of our workers have special education and pass qualification courses annually
— We are EURASS participants
— Ariadna E&T was twice awarded on National Business tourism contest
— Our managers are 24/7 online

Why visit Nizhny Novgorod:

— 600 unique architectural and cultural objects
— 14 theatres
— 63 museums
— 5 concert halls
— Numerous festivals and events in the most mysterious and unusual city of Russia

How to reach Niznhy Novgorod:

— International airport (1 hour by plane from Moscow)
— Train station (4 hours by comfortable high-speed train from Moscow)
— Hovercraft


We organize team building, training, motivational and entertaining activities for companies.

Sports tourism

We select and book sports facilities, collect and prepare plans of exiting the program, organize of transport, flights, w / d crossings and fan tours

  • We are certified as a tourism operator for domestic and international inbound tourism МВТ 017697 
  • Certificate of Conformity № SSAQ on Russian state standard
  • We are an approved member of Tourism and Hospitality Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Nizhny Novgorod
  • We have and experience of participating in numerous international exhibitions and conferences and confirmed tourism competitions awards
  • Our specialists are skilled in working with foreign visitors

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